Braces Wire Feel Loose : Can you Drink Water with Rubber Bands on Braces

Braces Wire Feel Loose

Braces Wire Feel Loose—If you worried that dental braces can make your teeth weak, loosened, or have after-effects?

The answer is a definite no! Dental braces will not make your teeth weak or fallout; however, you might feel discomfort and pain after a couple of days of having dental braces and your teeth will slightly loosen for the first 2 or 3 days after dental braces are tightened up.


Can dental braces make your teeth fall out?

This may not occur because before using dental braces, you need routine regular visits to our orthodontists. Our experts will monitor your progress and change your therapy accordingly.

Before beginning the therapy, our orthodontists thoroughly examine your periodontal and dental health and wellness and devise an efficient therapy plan. If additional treatments, such as surgical treatment or periodontal therapy, are required, they’ll suggest them first before any orthodontic therapy with dental braces.

If you have bad periodontal health and wellness, there’s virtually no chance that our professional orthodontists will use dental braces on your teeth. Moreover, sometimes, tooth removal may be required for your therapy.

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