Braces Wire Feel Loose : Can you Drink Water with Rubber Bands on Braces

Why do your teeth feel loosened after dental braces are tightened up?

For the first 2 to 3 days after dental braces are tightened up, it is all-natural to notice a small loosening up of teeth. It occurs because of tooth movement and changes in the frameworks that support your teeth. When dental braces are used for your teeth, a moderate force shifts them to the preferred position.

So, when your dental braces are tightened up, you’ll feel stress, discomfort, or pain in your teeth. This is also quite usual because various outcomes and changes are made in the bone and periodontal cells throughout this process.

Additionally, throughout the first several days, you will remain in pain, but it will be decreased with time. Moreover, our orthodontists will need to tighten up your dental braces every 3 to 4 weeks throughout your treatment.

Overall, it is all natural for your tooth to feel a bit loosened when dental braces are used. Yet, It isn’t especially long-term.

Braces Wire Feel Loose : Can you Drink Water with Rubber Bands on Braces

Why should you see a periodontist before obtaining dental braces?

Obtaining dental braces, therefore, isn’t as simple as it may show up. The issue can exacerbate if you have weak, inflammatory, or damaged teeth and periodontal. An extensive oral evaluation can help decide if you’re qualified for therapy.

Any oral problems you might have can be dealt with by our experts before dental braces are put on. An evaluation involves looking at your bone framework, teeth, attack, and periodontal. Your age and any hidden clinical problems should be evaluated while assessing your oral health and wellness.

Before you obtain dental braces, be certain your teeth and periodontals are healthy. The cables and braces, as well as clear aligners, can catch food and bacteria, triggering periodontal illness.

You’ll require our specialists’ therapy if you have periodontal illness before you can obtain dental braces. The following are instances of therapies that should be done before the treatment:

  • Scaling and Origin Planning is a deep cleaning to treat periodontal illness.
  • Pocket Decrease Surgical treatment: to eliminate germs and swelling and motivate the periodontal cells to reattach.
  • Cells Grafts: to improve your periodontal health and wellness and give you the best long-lasting outcomes from your orthodontic therapy.


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