Braces Wire Feel Loose : Can you Drink Water with Rubber Bands on Braces

Can you Drink Water with Rubber Bands on Braces

The first week or more, you’ll probably get on very soft food: soup, yogurt, custard, mashed potato, rice, pasta, rushed eggs, and so on. While you get on soft food, you do not need to worry too a lot about what you consume. You simply need to focus on maintaining your teeth nice and clean.

When you begin obtaining comfier chewing with your dental braces on and transfer to a more “normal” diet, you need to begin being very careful with what you consume.

As a basic guideline, from currently on, until your dental braces come off, all your food needs to be cut up quite carefully.


No crunchy little bits of meat. Meat must be cut up better compared to usual. No tearing meat off slice bones, drumsticks, or the such. No crackling if you have roast pork (sorry!! !)



No crusts, especially on salute, crusty bread (French sticks, Italian bread, and so on), and no hard crusts on pizzas.



Hard veggies such as carrots and broccoli should preferably be prepared soft. If you prefer to have them a bit crunchy or raw, they must be shredded or julienned. Crunchy fruit, such as apples and pears should be cut right into slim items. Rock fruit should be cut in fifty percent and the rock removed.

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