Can Body Lotion be used on Face | And Distinction In between Face Skin and Body Skin

Can Body Lotion be used on Face

Can body lotion be used on face—We are often receiving this kinda inquiry from our visitors and the answer is simply NO! We are currently mosting likely to discuss why one should not use their body cream on face and what sick impacts it would certainly cause.

So if you have actually any idea of using your body cream to hydrate your face skin, after that eliminate it. It’s not that everybody’s cream would certainly respond badly on your face skin; some might work well in fluke too but why should risk? Read listed below and know more on this.


Can Body Lotion be used on Face | Distinction In between Face Skin and Body Skin

Cell Turn over Rate of Skin

Skin dry skin and much less ecological direct exposure (When compared with face skin) causes slow skin turn over rate in body skin. Because of this, the all-natural peeling process decreases in body skin and thus it stays rougher and scalier compared to your face skin.

On the various other hand, because of the sweat glands and extra sunlight direct exposure, the all-natural peeling process occurs much faster and more often in your face skin when compared with the body skin. This makes your face skin normally more delicate compared to your body skin.


Skin Density

Our face skin is usually 0.20mm thick whereas the body skin is 0.60mm thick. From this, certainly we can say that our face skin is more delicate when compared with our body skin.

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