Can Body Lotion be used on Face | And Distinction In between Face Skin and Body Skin

Is It Alright to Use Body Cream on Face Skin?

Can Body Lotion be used on Face. As currently said, the answer is No. Because of the distinctions in skin nature and density, use of body cream on more slim and more fragile face skin isn’t that recommended. Body skin is usually drier compared to the face skin and thus body creams are specially developed with hefty hydrating ingredients that would certainly lead to blocking of pores on the face skin.


Is Body Cream on Face Alright In situation of Incredibly Dry Skin?

Although your body cream is light in structure and your skin is extra dry, you should not use it on your face skin as some of the ingredients present in it may be adverse your face. Not initially, you might also face outbreaks and such with routine body cream use on face.

Have you ever noticed something on your body cream? Most of the body creams are more aromatic and colored when compared with the light face creams and creams. Do not you think that those artificial fragrances and colors would certainly affect your very fragile and delicate facial skin?

So it’s better to avoid body creams on your face anytime. Whatever skin kind your own may be and however mild those body creams may be, do NOT use it on your face skin without speaking with your skin specialist (There’s very much less chance that any skin specialist would certainly suggest a body cream for face)


Side Impacts of Using Body Creams on Face

So, Summing up all the over factors, here’s the list of face skin problems you might experience if you use your body cream on your face, immediately or maybe with routine use.

  • Acne outbreaks
  • Blocking of pores
  • Inflammation
  • Scratchy skin
  • Extra oil secretion
  • Oily skin
  • Various other allergic reactions

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