Cayenne Pepper Health Benefits&Cancer

One way to achieve this treatment goal from ancient times is Cayenne Pepper Health Benefits&Cancer, which has been named after the town of Cayenne in Guyana. It is known to originate in central and South America.

At first cayenne, chili is only used as a garnish, before people realize its usefulness as a condiment and remedy.

What is cayenne pepper?

Cayenne pepper is one of the very spicy chili peppers often used to flavor food. It has a slim shape, are red, 10-25 cm long, and curved ends.

This cayenne pepper also includes cultivars of Capsicum annuum which are still associated with peppers and jalapenos. Most people use it as a condiment only in a dish.

Whereas cayenne pepper contains a lot of capsaicin which is a source of most of its benefits, it also causes a very spicy taste. This type has a value between 30,000-50,000 on the scale of the Scoville spicy unit.

I also have beautiful colored vegetables, a type of tuber containing essential nutrients is Pickled Beets Benefits For Liver also includes low sodium fruit, fat as well as a good source of folate.

Why is cayenne pepper good for health?

Because cayenne pepper contains a capsaicin substance that causes a hot and spicy taste. Also, there are other nutrients such as vitamins A and C, both of which provide health benefits.

In cayenne pepper capsaicin offers a variety of benefits, the substance can improve metabolism and heart health, can even relieve nasal congestion.

Here are the benefits of cayenne pepper:

Increase metabolism

The content of capsaicin in cayenne pepper is to generate extra heat in the body and burn more fat and calories in the process.

With cayenne pepper, this can increase metabolism and even suppress hunger.

Lowers blood pressure

Capsaicin in cayenne pepper can help cure blood pressure problems because the substances contained can open blood vessels and improve blood flow.

Also, the rate of blood flowing through the system increases your blood pressure to drop naturally. Capsaicin also affects the sensory nerves that work with the neuro-hormonal system and lower blood pressure.

Neuro-hormonal is any hormone produced by neuroendocrine cells into our blood.

How to consume it, you just have to mix a teaspoon of cayenne pepper with a glass of warm water and drink it at night before going to bed to lower blood pressure.

Improves digestive health

Cayenne can improve the circulation of the heart by speeding up the digestive process, and also improves the stomach’s ability to maintain infections and increase the production of digestive fluids.

Since cayenne pepper also smooths out important enzymes sent to the stomach, all this can improve digestive health. And capsaicin substances can help cure stomach ulcers, but with a correct measure. Because if it’s excessive it can cause gastric injuries.

Can reduce pain

This capsaicin has strong pain relief properties and works well when applied to the pain area.

If you apply capsaicin to the skin it also makes the brain respond by releasing dopamine, a hormone that causes a sense of calm offering a sense of comfort and fun.

Consuming cayenne pepper by eating it directly also reduces the substance P and stops the transmission of pain. This type can also reduce the platelet aggregation factor, also called PAF, which causes migraines.

Also, cayenne pepper has uses to treat cramps, which can reset nerve-to-muscle communication by surprising the system into place. And some sources can relieve nerve pain.

Can prevent cancer

Capsaicin compounds in cayenne pepper can induce apoptosis, it can even prevent cancer cells from spreading throughout the body.

And this compound turns out to be beneficial in treating breast, lung, prostate, and colon cancers.

Protects the heart

Cayenne pepper can prevent blood clotting and is also effective in preventing heart attacks and can clear lipid deposits that narrow the arteries. In treating blood circulation problems heart arrhythmias and palpitations effectively.

The rest of cayenne pepper is also useful in preventing heart disease associated with diabetes and can help reduce plaque by preventing fibrin tissue that holds plaque in place, thereby reducing buildup.

Cleaning a blocked nose

Capsaicin compounds in cayenne pepper can smooth mucus and stimulate sinuses, which in the end can also help air circulation, making it feel relieved.

By eating cayenne pepper can also help clean the nasal congestion.

How does cayenne pepper kill cancer cells?

Capsaicin is an agent proven to kill cancer cells, it is a chemical compound stimulating the nerve endings of the chemoreceptor and in the mucous membranes.

Furthermore, capsaicin is a compound that belongs to the capsaicin in group and is produced as a secondary metabolite by chili peppers. Capsaicin can make cayenne pepper become hot and stifle the mucous membranes react.

That capsaicin compound is capable of triggering apoptotic in lung cancer cells, pancreas and directly inhibits the growth of leukemia cells. Here are also ways and uses of cayenne pepper with various uses.

How to use cayenne pepper water weight loss?

Seasonings in cayenne pepper come from the active ingredient called capsaicin compound, the spicier, the more womb in it. In addition to efficacy, the drug increases levels of antioxidant enzymes and decreases the expression of pro-inflammatory proteins, resulting in weight loss.

cayenne pepper water weight loss

How to use cayenne pepper to lose weight, first I provide one cup of hot water, then add 1/4 cayenne pepper and a spoonful of fresh lemon juice.

The resulting flavor of cayenne pepper and lemon tea

The spicy cayenne pepper is orange or red, also adding lemon and tea is a very good herb for immunity. It is a powerful way to build up, fight colds, relieve ulcers, and help detoxify the body.

cayenne pepper and lemon tea

In addition to the spicy drink, this herb also has a slightly sour taste that is fresh and a distinctive tea fragrance. It is not a loss for us to make it, because there are so many benefits for our body.

Cayenne pepper water lemon maple syrup

Cayenne pepper water lemon maple syrup is not much different from others, however in adding something that is not useful is not the right thing but can cause negative results for health.


Therefore choose exactly the ingredients that we will use, first look at the content of nutrients contained in it. By adding maple syrup, it has a mild flavor almost like honey but the calories are much lower. Therefore, this product is good enough to be consumed if you are limiting your sugar intake.

From now on let us live a healthy life and live the right diet. Of course, consuming foods that contain a lot of nutrients so that nutritional intake can be met every day.

cayenne pepper health

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