First Day Braces Pain : How Long do Rubber Bands on Braces Hurt

First Day Braces Pain

First Day Braces Pain—One of the most common questions, we obtain inquired about dental braces is whether putting them causes any discomfort or pain. We answer that dental braces don’t hurt at all when they are used to the teeth, so there’s no need to fear the positioning visit.

There will be mild discomfort or pain after the orthodontic cable is involved right into the recently put braces, which may last for a couple of days to a week. Most clients experience some pain the first 4 days to a week after their dental braces, expanders, and/or cables are put in and after a cable modification and/or an activation visit.

Our appliances and cables are advanced and put in very light force that decreases any discomfort associated with orthodontic therapy. However, some mild pain is still to be expected. Everyone will slowly adjust to the pain associated with the orthodontic tooth movement.



There are a couple of easy actions which we ask you to complete before you leave. Taking these actions helps minimize pain, ensure an ideal reaction to therapy, and maintains you ready for your next visit. Please make these actions a component of your routine for each visit to Dr. Sunny Leong and Expressions Orthodontics.



Using your finger and tongue, inspect to see that the cable finishes don’t prolong right into locations that might jab or massage the cheek or tongue.



Make certain you understand what you’re to do until your next visit. This could consist of wearing headgear or elastics as advised, changing the expander, or following specific health or diet instructions.



Make certain you have a sufficient provide of oral wax, unique cleaning aids, flexible bands, or various other related products you might need for your dental braces or devices in-between visits.

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