Honey and the Keto Diet | And Best Honey Substitutes Keto


Allulose is an uncommon sugar that is found in some plants. It is a sugar-free sweetener that has only a tiny fraction of the calories of sugar granulated. It does not affect the levels of insulin or blood glucose making it an excellent option for ketosis.

Make use of 1 1/3 cup of allulose to make 3/4 of cup honey, since it’s not the same sweet taste as honey. It is also possible to purchase honey-flavored syrup for allulose.


Monk fruit sweetener

The second can be a sweetener that is natural, derived from a plant named monk fruit which is found in China. It’s more sweet than honey, and it is possible to make do making use of less. Actually, mix the monk fruit sugar and 1 cup of water, to substitute 1 cup of honey.



Another of the most sought-after kinds of artificial sweeteners is erythritol which is a naturally occurring sugar alcohol produced by combining enzymes with corn and fermentation.

This is an easy way to replace the traditional honey and table sugar in nearly every recipe you can think of! It’s not like honey in sweetness, therefore you’ll need greater amounts of it. Therefore, I would recommend 1.5 cups of erythritol for each teaspoon of honey.


Nature’s Hollow honey substitute that is sugar-free

Another very popular honey substitute in the keto diet can be found in Nature’s Hollow. It is sweetened by the xylitol and also has honey flavoring so that the consistency and taste is a perfect replacement for honey. A lot of people love how simple this option is to use, while others prefer not to use xylitol.

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