How to Treat Food Allergy Rash in Babies | And What to do If Baby Allergic to Eggs

How to Treat Food Allergy Rash in Babies

Giving babies solid food as they begin to wean is an exciting time of learning, however, it is not without risk that the appearance of skin rashes on their belly or another body part will cause worry and anxiety. It could be a sign of a baby food-allergic rash. The rash of allergies could cause by a range of different food items. Find out How to Treat Food Allergy Rash in Babies, in the following article.

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What Causes Food Allergy Rash in Babies

There are many aspects to consider when a child experiences any kind of allergic reaction.

Food Intolerance

The most frequent cause of an allergic reaction in infants is food allergies. If your child experiences diarrhea, cramps, gas, or vomiting following the consumption of the right kind of food, the baby’s digestive system may not be able to handle this type of food.

About 15 percent of infants under 12 months are affected by food intolerances whose degree of intolerance ranges from mild to extreme.


Allergies in The Family

Babies are at risk of allergic reactions to the skin in the event of allergy-related family histories like celiac disease, eczema, asthma, or disease.

If you or any other relatives suffer an allergy to certain kinds of food, speak with your physician about ways to introduce solids into your child’s diet without creating allergic reactions.

Introducing allergenic foods such as eggs and fish, tree nuts, soy, peanuts, milk as well as wheat, shellfish, and so on can cause an itch on the skin to develop. If your child is suffering from an allergic reaction, your breast milk may be contaminated with an allergen. Doctors suggest introducing peanuts or tree nuts into your baby’s diet at the time they reach three years of age or older.


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