Lemongrass Tea Side Effects Medication

One of the plants included in this grass group is Lemongrass Tea Side Effects Medication, and not only that it can be used as a kitchen seasoning that serves to scent food.

Lemongrass tea is very health-friendly as long as it uses brown sugar, we can consume it as long as it uses a little brown sugar. This fresh drink can help smooth digestion after a heavy meal.

What are the uses of lemongrass for the health of our body?

Lemongrass leaves have long been used as traditional medicine, for flavoring dishes and are a type of high-seeded plant. But not only about the benefits, but you also know that some side effects must be known.

Before discussing side effects I will explain a little about what benefits lemongrass produces for the health of the body.

The essential oils produced by lemongrass can be used as aromatherapy to refresh the air, lift mood, and reduce stress. This plant has a fresh aroma similar to lemon.

Besides, I have a way to prevent other diseases just by using Cayenne Pepper Health Benefits&Cancer which is one of the chili peppers that is very spicy often used to flavor food.

The benefits of lemongrass are obtained from its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory content that can overcome or prevent various health disorders including:

Sources of antioxidants

The antioxidant content in lemongrass leaves can help reduce free radicals in the body that can cause disease.

Antioxidants in lemongrass are isoorientin, swertiajaponin, and chlorogenic. All this can help prevent cell dysfunction inside the coronary artery.


Lemongrass boiled water can help treat oral infections and cavities thanks to the antimicrobial properties contained in this plant content. Because lemongrass decoction water has health benefits that are as a source of Antimicrob.

And lemongrass essential oil can fight the bacteria Streptococcus mutants, which is the bacteria responsible for tooth decay.


Citral and geranial are two compounds contained in lemongrass are considered responsible for the anti-inflammatory benefits.

Both compounds are said to stop the release of certain causes of inflammation in the body such as flu, sore throat, to digestive problems due to inflammation.

Detoxifying the body

Lemongrass is known as a diuretic that can smooth urination, which cleanses the body of excess fluid and sodium.

By drinking lemongrass can stimulate the kidneys to secrete more urine and improve its function because of this diuretic effect.

Reduce the risk of cancer

Lemongrass has citral content that is beneficial for health that has a strong anticancer ability against some lines of cancer cells.

Makes digestion healthier

You can drink a cup of lemongrass tea as an alternative to overcome stomach pains, cramps, and other digestive problems.

To protect the stomach lining against damage from aspirin and ethanol we can use lemongrass leaf essential oil.

Helps to lose weight

Lemongrass decoction water can be used as a detoxifying drink to smooth metabolism and lose weight because it is a natural diuretic.

And the stem contains polyphenols that increase energy expenditure and oxidation of fats, this effect can support weight loss.

Here’s the nutritional information in lemongrass

One cup of raw lemongrass contains only about 99 calories, contains no fat, and cholesterol.

It also supports about 25 g of carbohydrates, 1 g of protein.

It also has about 723 mg of potassium, 101 mg of phosphorus, 65 mg of calcium, 75 mcg of folate, and 60 mg of magnesium.

Why does lemongrass tea have side effects?

Although lemongrass tea has health benefits, it also has side effects if it consumes too much.

So drink regularly and take the right amount. If we consume high amounts of lemongrass it can cause dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth, excessive urination, and increased appetite.

One of the other effects as:


Not everyone experiences allergy symptoms after eating or drinking lemongrass, although these side effects are quite unusual. Usually prone to lemongrass allergies can experience itchy skin rashes, chest pains, swollen throats, and difficulty breathing.

How to consume lemongrass tea correctly?

You must consume with the right amount, so that we do not overdo it and cause harmful side effects. A refreshing drink, lemongrass tea is an important part of a weight loss diet and is very healthy.

Lemongrass tea is a detoxifying drink that you must put in a drink with a slight citrus flavor and lemongrass aroma is known to calm the stomach so that it helps digest food easily.

But consider drinking lemongrass tea after a heavy meal and dinner to help you sleep better.

For those of us who want to live a healthy life of course we must run by consuming foods or drinks that are really good to take care of our body. Therefore one of them I recommend to try a really amazing drink that is lemongrass tea.

Although lemongrass tea has slightly harmful side effects but we ourselves can set it up correctly so as not to have a negative impact. This tea has long been famous for its good properties.

People – people in the old days a lot of herbal remedies sourced from plants, not many know that a plant that may be a little rare can cure some diseases.

And of course it is good for body care, in addition to healthy of course can be used as a beauty of course the part of the face that is always maintained. There are so many benefits, we also have to understand all the ingredients that will be used. Here are also some benefits of lemongrass for skin care and acne.

Lemongrass for skin care

I really like mint, from the taste to the cool skin. And I tend to choose those that contain peppermint. The scent that does not stand out when used is one of my fragrance favorites.

Finding this nice lemongrass lotion really helped me to help with my skin care and beautiful aroma.

lemongrass for skin care

Benefits of lemongrass for the skin, can prevent itching due to mosquito bites. Evens out the color on hyperpigmented skin. And there are many more uses.

Lemongrass for acne

One way to overcome acne-prone skin is that we have to use a really good medicine but now it has a lot of Lemongrass for acne.

The remedy of the lemongrass plant is potent and certainly safe. I simply use oil to have this sweet lemon aroma that can help reduce acne.

lemongrass for acne

It also helps reduce cellulite, tighten the skin, open clogged pores, help relax tired muscles and ligaments and improve feelings of relaxation.

Lemongrass that is processed to remove acne is certainly very much sought after by women who often run treatments on their face to look good.

Lemongrass Tea


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