What Happens If you Swallow a Zyn | And What is Velo Made of

Different Strengths of Velo Pouches

There are four options of strength offered There are four different options of strength available: Medium, Mellow, Strong as well as Extra-Strong. If you’re new to smoking nicotine, Velo recommends that you begin with Mellow before moving on to the more powerful choices. The Velo pouches come with a simple-to-follow dot pattern that is printed on the front of the can, with four dots that are either filled or empty, to show how robust the pouches are.


Velo Nicotine Pouch Variants

There are two flavors of Velo’s nicotine pouches that are available which are citrus and mint which is a lesser selection when compared to other brands of nicotine pouches that are available. But, both mint and citrus are consistently voted the most loved flavors for consumers.

There are two nicotine levels that are available, the 2 and 4 mg range.


VELO Flavors

The VELO flavors vary from mild to medium. It’s not too different from ON!, however, VELO is more appealing with its flavors, including fruit. I’ve only tasted the mint flavors to date however I’ll update this review with other flavors when I’ve got these.


A lovely medium-roast smell with a touch of sweetness and cream. I’m prone to taking a long time to sniff the can of them and, hey I am a coffee lover! If you’re not an avid lover of coffee, steer clear of these. They’re very enjoyable for me and won’t put excessively on your palate.


Dragon fruit

A little tropical and floral fruit, however, the taste that is sitting under my lips is mostly dragon fruit (I think). I’m not able to recognize this flavor without looking at the description. In the end, it’s more savory than coffee, and it’s less drying on my tongue. I think this flavor is what can cause my mouth to sweat more.


Citrus blast

Vibrant orange citrus tastes are easily identifiable as orange. There isn’t any of that bland citrus taste like other brands. This is a great flavor although the flavor could be more pronounced (IMO).


Black cherry

Of all the flavors I’ve tried, this has the most distinctive scent. As with the dragon fruit, it isn’t exactly what the flavor it was intended to be, despite smelling great. However, the flavor is fairly accurate, and also more refreshing as opposed to coffee’s dryness.


What are Velo nicotine pouches include?

Velo is made of plants, nicotine flavorings (aromas) sweeteners, flavorings, and water. Because they contain water it is classified as humid nicotine pouches meaning that the saliva of the user does not need to be activated to start the absorption process. Dry pouches must be placed under the tongue to give moisture, the Velo nicotine pouches are able to quickly and discreetly slide under your lips while in the middle of a trip.

Some people suggest placing moist nicotine pouches in the refrigerator to keep their moisture in place; however, this isn’t essential, and it is possible to put them in your purse or pocket to make them easy to access. If you do decide to keep the pouches, you must be sure to keep them away from direct sunlight to keep them from drying out.

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