What is Exophytic Cyst | And How Big Kidney Cyst is Dangerous

Exophytic Cyst Kidney Treatment

The methods for treating renal cysts that are offered to patients ranging from simple to complex based on the type of issue the patient is suffering from. We will look at the many choices available to patients.

Laparoscopic Cyst Decortication

There are two methods of surgery (aspiration as well as sclerosis) that are in use which are initially tested if none of them work then laparoscopic cyst décortication is suggested. A small incision is made. The organs are inflated by gas in a controlled manner to locate the cyst. Walls are removed to avoid them creating future issues for the patient.


Sclerosis and Aspiration

Utilizing the information from a CT scanner or an ultrasound scan as a reference doctor will insert a needle into layers of the skin cutting it, and making use of it as a suction device to remove the fluid that is present inside the cyst. This procedure is known as aspiration.

Sclerosis is when a radiologist injects material into the cavity of the cyst, shredding the area upon its insertion. This implies that the cyst is scarred down. The downside of the procedure is that cysts may recur, even though it’s an easier procedure which makes it a better choice to choose.

An exophytic renal cyst can be treated based on the type of cyst the patient experiences. Some cysts can be treated and have little chance of developing to become damaging to the health of the patient. Regular checkups are essential and should include a family examination for any prior cases among family relatives.


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