Why do I Have a Cyst on my Kidney | And Kidney Cyst Treatment Home Remedy

Cysts in Kidney When to be Concerned

It is recommended to consult your physician in the event that you are experiencing any of the signs listed above (pain in the back of the side between the hip and ribs stomach or back and high fever, regular urination and urine that is bloody and the dark color of your urine). This could indicate that you’ve got a kidney cyst that has burst or is infected.


Hemorrhagic or Proteinaceous Cyst on Kidney

Hemorrhagic or Proteinaceous Cyst on Kidney. The kidneys can be damaged if you consume excessive amounts of medications available over the counter like aspirin, naproxen, and Ibuprofen. All of these medications should not be taken on a regular basis or every day without consulting with your doctor. Many Americans have injured their kidneys due to taking these medications in excess.


Hypodensity in Kidney

Hypodensity in Kidney, or hypodense cortical lesion kidney. Small hypodense renal cysts with round form are often seen in CT images of the abdomen’s upper region following the administration of contrast medium. Most of the time, these hypodensities round are small cysts without clinical significance.

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